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QtiSAS News

information about new versions and tools


2023-04-03 From middle 2022, QtiSAS code has been supported by Konstantin Kholostov from JCNS instrument software team.

Code modernisation, optimisation, preparation for long-term-support is aim of the first steps of Konstantin in the qtisas project.

First code “surviving” steps:

  • Git repository (iffgit) … done … link: https://iffgit.fz-juelich.de/kholostov/qtisas
  • qmake → cmake … done … cmake >=3.24
  • optimisation of compilation of 3rdparty libraries … done
  • Python3 support (additionally to python2.7) … done
  • “pure” QT4: removing qt3support dependencies … in progress … time-consuming step …
  • “pure” QT4 → via QT5 → QT6: direction to newest QT … in plan …
  • “Native” compilers @ Windows and MacOS … in plan …

Currently code could be downloaded from the repository and compiled like below:

git clone https://iffgit.fz-juelich.de/kholostov/qtisas
cd qtisas
mkdir build
cd build

Current QT is still QT4, therefore “native” Linux system for the code test is used Ubuntu 18.04. Before starting above shown compilation, next stuff should be installed:

sudo apt install python3-dev pyqt4-dev-tools python3-pyqt4 python3-sip-dev

2021-05-12 New Version is online: Downloads


  • Project Explorer is working faster in case of many windows
  • Plotting of a new Color Fill or 2D-plot will be filled full available space
  • Several technical improvements were done…


  • We are ready for the future format of KWS-instruments: YAML header and Binary Zipped detector image
  • YAML header added possibility to read 3rd and 4th levels in format YAML::NodeType::Sequence (detector duration time, monitors)
  • YAML header example of header-reader string to extract detector duration: measurement:detectors:type|position_sensitive_detector|results|timer
  • Zipped Binary Image currently at all KWS-instruments (new format) detector image is zipped binary array (*.array.gz). Reading and adding of zipped binary filed is implemented in the standard mode (single detector image). RT and TOF mode will be implemented later (should be faster adding and splitting).
  • Zipped Binary Image many thanks to George B. for correcting of the reading function of Zipped Binary Images
  • KWS3-2021 and KWS3-VHRD-2021 new standard instruments for data reduction of KWS-3 data with new YAML-format and Zipped Binary Images. Old data could be treated with “KWS3-2020” and “KWS3-VHRD-2020” instruments
  • KWS-1 and KWS-2 current YAML header do not yet contains all motors values (like CA and SA); next version of QtiSAS will contain “KWS1-2021”, “KWS2-20%-2021”,“KWS2-10%-2021”, “KWS2-20%-2021”, “KWS2-HRD-2021”
  • Data Processing Tab a bit modified optically
  • Data processing is running faster and without fast changing of the windows.

2021-03-19 New Sasview Functions Implementation
Sasview Function Example (core-multi-shell), Sasview: rmsa

2021-03-18 New Introduction: Reduction of KWS-3 data: KWS-3@Data-Reduction-Example

2021-03-11 New Introduction: Reduction of KWS-1 data: KWS-1@Data-Reduction-Example

2021-03-11 New Version is online: downloads


  • Tr(EC-to-EB): now after changing of Tr(EC-to-EB) value of Absolute Factor automatically re-calculated
  • Transmission-Method “λ<9.5A: ROI in Header; λ>=9.5A: Direct Beam [dead-time +]” works now correctly (KWS1-2020)

Fit.Curve(s): few optical improvements…

2021-03-10 Updated Introduction: Compile Fortran Code: Fortran Functions (linking with c++ functions)

2021-03-01 New Introduction: Simply-Fit (Standard Mode) of Fit.Curve(s) interface: Fit.Curve(s) Introduction

2021-02-26 New Introduction: Fit.Compile interface: Fit.Compile

2021-02-25 New Introduction: easy-Fit (“eFit”) mode of Fit.Curve(s) interface: eFit

2021-02-17 New Version is online: downloads


  • Graph|Tex Equation Editor: added server for online-compilation:
  • →→→ new server documentation: chart.googleapis.com
  • “Graph|Labels”: unicode generator is added:

Unicode-in-Labels JNSE: implementation (transfer) of J-NSE tools to QtiSAS: JNSE page


  • tab (of DANP interface of QtiKWS) implemented in QtiSAS
  • … as separated tool ASCII.SANS.1D

SVD.SANS:Singular Value Decomosition is transfered to QtiSAS: SVD page

Fit.Compile Fit.Compile.Introduction

  • table of parameters is modified:
  • … number of parameters are shown
  • … range of parameters are moved to “Vary” check-box
  • “Code” and “+Include” tabs:
  • … “find” text option integrated
  • … “Info”-tab functional is improved


  • a lot of small improvements…
  • superpositional mode is improved
  • weighting, reso, and poly options are moved to “Data”-tab
  • Fit-Control-tab is modified

2020-10 New: Unicode symbol in Legends:

2020-07 New Version is online: QtiSAS:News:2020-07-06:

A lot of changes in this version were motivated by A.F: thank you Artem!

QtiSAS|Project Exprole:

  • … behavior boosted;
  • … improved presentation of widgets, specially in “Maximised” regime…;
  • … default mode of “View Windows” option is changed to “None” from “Windows in Active Folder”;

QtiSAS|Color Maps:

  • … functionality in Spectrogram Plots is strongly improved;

QtiSAS|Graph|Automatic Layout:

  • … button logic is modified;
  • … Spectrogram's Geometry is propotionaly maximized correspondinly to matrix dimension;
  • … 2D plots are proportionally maximised if “Keep aspect ratio” is selected;

QtiSAS|Log and Lin buttons:

  • … also in Graph Toolbars;
  • … work now also for Spectrograms (Color Fill);

QtiSAS|Graph|Tex Equation Editor:

  • … changed server for online-compilation;
  • … new server: latex.codecogs.com;
  • … size of png-images of Equations could be controlled by “\dpi{150}” command;

QtiSAS|Graph|Add/Remove Curve interface:

  • … added check-box “+yErr”;
  • … to add also Y-Error-bars with corresponding Dataset;
  • … by default: Cap Width of error bars is 0;
  • … by default: Line Width is defined by defined line width;

QtiSAS|Graph|Add Error Bars interface: improved behaviour of “Existing Column”: DAN:

  • … interface and logic are strongly optimized;
  • … Mask Tools moved from DANP to DAN;
  • … Merge interface improved;


  • … interface is optimised;

2020-05-04 QtiSAS Source Online: QtiSAS Open Source: 2020-05-04

As well as compilation of program from source is simplified to two steps:

  1. qmake (withouth Python support, or “qmake py=yes” with Python )
  2. make

All nesessary non-Qt libraries will be compiled in first step, and Qt-related during second one.

2020-04-23 QtiSAS:

  • improved File|Export|ExportASCII… interface;


  • changed path to qtisas.zip file;

QtiSAS:HomePage news:



  • if vertical resolution of display below 1000: log-viewer and project explorer are placed by default right;
  • else: log-viewer and project explorer are placed by default down;

DAN@QtiSAS: v.2.2

  • crash during opening of empty files in INFO-TABLE interface is finally solved;
  • few cosmetic improvements are done;


2020-04-06 2D plot: new option is implemented:'Save Graph as Project + PDF-image

  • sans data-reduction projects are normally huge: sometimes containing hundreds of tables, figures, matrixes;
  • new option extracts a selected plot with one or more graphs to new QTI-project and creates PDF-image of it (PDF-file is vector-image);
  • this is an attempt to implement a kind of OLE object: PDF-file could be inserted to a PowerPoint presentation or Word-file; and in QTI-project could selected datasets could be quickly modified, analyzed, and plotted back to a presentation.


2020-03-25 DAN@QtiSAS New Version with improved stability ( v.2.0)

  • crush during reading of an empty header is solved
  • merging interface is integrated to DAN ( in qtikws merging interface was in DANP )
  • 'Overlap control' option = 30% integrated to default KWS-instruments …
  • newest SANS instruments are integrated as default options: KWS1-2020, KWS3-2020, KWS3-VHRD-2020
  • mixed transmision option is integraded: λ<9.5Å: ROI in Header; λ>=9.5Å: Direct Beam [dead-time +]


2019-12-12New Hosting of QtiSAS Dokuwiki is located at www.freehosting.com. Free hosting plan is selected. We moved from FZ-Jülich web portal because non-static web pages (we use Dokuwiki) is not anymore allowed there.


new Linux: executable file for linux (64bit) is now available; Windows: improved installation procedure; First Start: optimized qtisas view during first start; Compile/eFit: added new options; Other: many non-critical small improvements; new qtisas.zip : firstly uploaded; contains few fitting functions, many color maps, and two graph templates; Help Menu : added option to download qtisas.zip file

2019-08 Fortran Code integration is improved: functions containing Fortran functions SHOULD BE RECOMPILED

>2019-07 Strongly Improved fitting interface, logic, structure: functions SHOULD BE RECOMPILED

>2018-10 Modified Graph layer:



>2018-07 Fitting 1D and Compile interface is moved from qtikws to qtisas qtisas-get-first-simulated-curve.pd

>2013-06 QtiSAS project is started online (FZ-Jülich Hosting)

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