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QtiSAS News

information about new versions and tools

>2021-05-12 New Version is online: Downloads


  • Project Explorer is working faster in case of many windows
  • Plotting of a new Color Fill or 2D-plot will be filled full available space
  • Several technical improvements were done…


  • We are ready for the future format of KWS-instruments: YAML header and Binary Zipped detector image
  • YAML header added possibility to read 3rd and 4th levels in format YAML::NodeType::Sequence (detector duration time, monitors)
  • YAML header example of header-reader string to extract detector duration: measurement:detectors:type|position_sensitive_detector|results|timer
  • Zipped Binary Image currently at all KWS-instruments (new format) detector image is zipped binary array (*.array.gz). Reading and adding of zipped binary filed is implemented in the standard mode (single detector image). RT and TOF mode will be implemented later (should be faster adding and splitting).
  • Zipped Binary Image many thanks to George B. for correcting of the reading function of Zipped Binary Images
  • KWS3-2021 and KWS3-VHRD-2021 new standard instruments for data reduction of KWS-3 data with new YAML-format and Zipped Binary Images. Old data could be treated with “KWS3-2020” and “KWS3-VHRD-2020” instruments
  • KWS-1 and KWS-2 current YAML header do not yet contains all motors values (like CA and SA); next version of QtiSAS will contain “KWS1-2021”, “KWS2-20%-2021”,“KWS2-10%-2021”, “KWS2-20%-2021”, “KWS2-HRD-2021”
  • Data Processing Tab a bit modified optically
  • Data processing is running faster and without fast changing of the windows.

>2021-03-19 New Sasview Functions Implementation
Sasview Function Example (core-multi-shell), Sasview: rmsa

>2021-03-18 New Introduction: Reduction of KWS-3 data: KWS-3@Data-Reduction-Example

>2021-03-11 New Introduction: Reduction of KWS-1 data: KWS-1@Data-Reduction-Example

>2021-03-11 New Version is online: downloads


  • Tr(EC-to-EB): now after changing of Tr(EC-to-EB) value of Absolute Factor automatically re-calculated
  • Transmission-Method “λ<9.5A: ROI in Header; λ>=9.5A: Direct Beam [dead-time +]” works now correctly (KWS1-2020)

Fit.Curve(s): few optical improvements…

>2021-03-10 Updated Introduction: Compile Fortran Code: Fortran Functions (linking with c++ functions)

>2021-03-01 New Introduction: Simply-Fit (Standard Mode) of Fit.Curve(s) interface: Fit.Curve(s) Introduction

>2021-02-26 New Introduction: Fit.Compile interface: Fit.Compile

>2021-02-25 New Introduction: easy-Fit (“eFit”) mode of Fit.Curve(s) interface: eFit

>2021-02-17 New Version is online: downloads


  • Graph|Tex Equation Editor: added server for online-compilation:
  • →→→ new server documentation: chart.googleapis.com
  • “Graph|Labels”: unicode generator is added:

Unicode-in-Labels JNSE: implementation (transfer) of J-NSE tools to QtiSAS: JNSE page


  • tab (of DANP interface of QtiKWS) implemented in QtiSAS
  • … as separated tool ASCII.SANS.1D

SVD.SANS:Singular Value Decomosition is transfered to QtiSAS: SVD page

Fit.Compile Fit.Compile.Introduction

  • table of parameters is modified:
  • … number of parameters are shown
  • … range of parameters are moved to “Vary” check-box
  • “Code” and “+Include” tabs:
  • … “find” text option integrated
  • … “Info”-tab functional is improved


  • a lot of small improvements…
  • superpositional mode is improved
  • weighting, reso, and poly options are moved to “Data”-tab
  • Fit-Control-tab is modified

>2020-10 New: Unicode symbol in Legends:

>2020-07 New Version is online: QtiSAS:News:2020-07-06:

A lot of changes in this version were motivated by A.F: thank you Artem!

QtiSAS|Project Exprole:

  • … behavior boosted;
  • … improved presentation of widgets, specially in “Maximised” regime…;
  • … default mode of “View Windows” option is changed to “None” from “Windows in Active Folder”;

QtiSAS|Color Maps:

  • … functionality in Spectrogram Plots is strongly improved;

QtiSAS|Graph|Automatic Layout:

  • … button logic is modified;
  • … Spectrogram's Geometry is propotionaly maximized correspondinly to matrix dimension;
  • … 2D plots are proportionally maximised if “Keep aspect ratio” is selected;

QtiSAS|Log and Lin buttons:

  • … also in Graph Toolbars;
  • … work now also for Spectrograms (Color Fill);

QtiSAS|Graph|Tex Equation Editor:

  • … changed server for online-compilation;
  • … new server: latex.codecogs.com;
  • … size of png-images of Equations could be controlled by “\dpi{150}” command;

QtiSAS|Graph|Add/Remove Curve interface:

  • … added check-box “+yErr”;
  • … to add also Y-Error-bars with corresponding Dataset;
  • … by default: Cap Width of error bars is 0;
  • … by default: Line Width is defined by defined line width;

QtiSAS|Graph|Add Error Bars interface: improved behaviour of “Existing Column”: DAN:

  • … interface and logic are strongly optimized;
  • … Mask Tools moved from DANP to DAN;
  • … Merge interface improved;


  • … interface is optimised;

>2020-05-04 QtiSAS Source Online: QtiSAS Open Source: 2020-05-04

As well as compilation of program from source is simplified to two steps:

  1. qmake (withouth Python support, or “qmake py=yes” with Python )
  2. make

All nesessary non-Qt libraries will be compiled in first step, and Qt-related during second one.

>2020-04-23 QtiSAS:

  • improved File|Export|ExportASCII… interface;


  • changed path to qtisas.zip file;

QtiSAS:HomePage news:



  • if vertical resolution of display below 1000: log-viewer and project explorer are placed by default right;
  • else: log-viewer and project explorer are placed by default down;

DAN@QtiSAS: v.2.2

  • crash during opening of empty files in INFO-TABLE interface is finally solved;
  • few cosmetic improvements are done;


>2020-04-06 2D plot: new option is implemented:'Save Graph as Project + PDF-image

  • sans data-reduction projects are normally huge: sometimes containing hundreds of tables, figures, matrixes;
  • new option extracts a selected plot with one or more graphs to new QTI-project and creates PDF-image of it (PDF-file is vector-image);
  • this is an attempt to implement a kind of OLE object: PDF-file could be inserted to a PowerPoint presentation or Word-file; and in QTI-project could selected datasets could be quickly modified, analyzed, and plotted back to a presentation.


>2020-03-25 DAN@QtiSAS New Version with improved stability ( v.2.0)

  • crush during reading of an empty header is solved
  • merging interface is integrated to DAN ( in qtikws merging interface was in DANP )
  • 'Overlap control' option = 30% integrated to default KWS-instruments …
  • newest SANS instruments are integrated as default options: KWS1-2020, KWS3-2020, KWS3-VHRD-2020
  • mixed transmision option is integraded: λ<9.5Å: ROI in Header; λ>=9.5Å: Direct Beam [dead-time +]


>2019-12-12 New Hosting of QtiSAS Dokuwiki is located at www.freehosting.com. Free hosting plan is selected. We moved from FZ-Jülich web portal because non-static web pages (we use Dokuwiki) is not anymore allowed there.


new Linux: executable file for linux (64bit) is now available; Windows: improved installation procedure; First Start: optimized qtisas view during first start; Compile/eFit: added new options; Other: many non-critical small improvements; new qtisas.zip : firstly uploaded; contains few fitting functions, many color maps, and two graph templates; Help Menu : added option to download qtisas.zip file

>2019-08 Fortran Code integration is improved: functions containing Fortran functions SHOULD BE RECOMPILED

>2019-07 Strongly Improved fitting interface, logic, structure: functions SHOULD BE RECOMPILED

>2018-10 Modified Graph layer:



>2018-07 Fitting 1D and Compile interface is moved from qtikws to qtisas qtisas-get-first-simulated-curve.pd

>2013-06 QtiSAS project is started online (FZ-Jülich Hosting)

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