[group] Structure Factor [name] sasview-rmsa [number parameters] 6, [description]

Hayter-Penfold Rescaled Mean Spherical Approximation (RMSA) structure factor for charged spheres

SASVIEW Source: http://marketplace.sasview.org/models/31/

SASVIEW Authorship and Verification: Steve King, 28 MAR 2019


1. J B Hayter and J Penfold, Molecular Physics, 42 (1981) 109-118

2. J P Hansen and J B Hayter, Molecular Physics, 46 (1982) 651-656

3. M Kotlarchyk and S-H Chen, J. Chem. Phys., 79 (1983) 2461-2469

4. C G Malmberg and A A Maryott, J. Res. Nat. Bureau Standards, 56 (1956) 2641

QtiSAS implementation: Vitaliy Pipich: 19 MAR 2021

[x] q [y] sf [parameter names] radius_effective,vol_fraction,charge,temperature,concentration_salt,dielectconst, [initial values] 20.75,0.0192,19[0..inf],318.16[0..074],0[0.000001..200],71.08[0..450] [adjustibility] 0,0,0,0,0,0 [parameter description] [A] effective radius of charged sphere,[1] volume fraction of spheres,[e] charge on sphere (in electrons),[K] temperature; in Kelvin; for Debye length calculation,[M] conc of salt; moles/litre; 1:1 electolyte; for Debye length,[1] dielectric constant (relative permittivity) of solvent; kappa; default water; for Debye length, [h-headers] #include "IncludedFunctions/sasview-structurefactor-hayter_penfold_rmsa.h" [included functions] [code] sf=sasview_hayter_penfold_rmsa(q,radius_effective,vol_fraction,charge,temperature,concentration_salt,dielectconst); [fortran] 0, [end]